What would cause hypertension and high blood pressure in teens and young adults? One son was diagnosed with high blood pressure at 15 during a routine physical for high school baseball. He is 21 now and has been put on blood pressure meds. Oldest son I

Genetic/Environment? High blood pressure is sometimes called "familial" because it can be passed down through families. However, sedentary lifestyle, obesity, alcohol or drug use can also can hypertension. Teens might also have rare hormonal or kidney disorders that cause hypertension. Be sure to follow closely with your doctor and encourage other family members to get screened.
In . In kids aged 12 to 18, these are the most common reasons for high blood pressure: -essential hypertension - this is typically associated with family history, overweight/obesity and/or unhealthy life-style such as little exercise and poor diet. -iatrogenic illness- high blood pressure caused by a medication such as birth control pills or adhd medications -renal parenchymal disease - kidney disease -renal vascular disease - narrowing of the blood vessels leading to the kidneys -endocrine causes - such as hyperthyroidism -coarctation of the aorta - a narrow area of the main artery leading from the heart as your can see, renal (kidney) causes of high blood pressure are more common in children and teens than cardiac (heart) problems, so if a child needs an evaluation for high blood pressure by a specialist, we usually have them see a nephrologist. Talk to your sons' doctor. They may have already performed testing to rule out many of the other causes above.