How to get my son to take a bottle of pumped breast milk at 3 months old my son is 3 months old I have exclusively breastfeed since day one. I have tried to get him to take a pacifier and a bottle of pumped breast milk but he wants nothing to do with eith

Smart kid. If you are there he wants the real thing.Try being absent during the process and have someone else feed him when he is hungry.When he decides there is milk to be had that way he will adapt.Later on he may be willing to do so when you offer it, but he must be motivated and try it first from someone else.
Skip a feeding. Get him good and hungry by skipping a feeding is one way. A second way is to take advantage of the rooting reflex by putting the nipple bottle on the side of his cheek and let him find the bottle.
Keep . Keep offering the bottle until he takes it. It will take lots of patience but he will eventually give in. In the meantime you may have to feed him from a dropper (the ones used to give babies medicine). For some reason many babies who are resistant to the bottle will take it from a dropper. This can be done initially to ensure he gets proper nutrition. Don't give up! good luck.