My son began getting red bumps al over trunk of body. They are red itchy with pus heads. Doc used antibiotic started to go away a 2nddose of antibiotic and they started to clear but came back 2 days after med waveform. He also has a fungal infection for

Follow up suggested. From your description he may have impetigo which requires a longer course of antibiotics or a different antibiotic. An allergic rash can be itchy and is treated with an anti histamine, or he may have both infection and allergic reactions. A virtual appt is available online and photos may be uploaded of the rash.
Your . Your question is only open to answers for one more day, so i want to take this opportunity to ask you to resubmit your question. Please list the name of the antibiotics given, if the rash is better worse or the same? Does he have itching or pain? Did he start taking the anti-fungal? Thanks.