I have had a female problem for about 4 weeks I have had some discharge its white I don't itch and it doesn't burn it has a little bit of a different smell than normal but im scared im 45 yrs old never had no problems I have no insurance

If. If your location is correct and you live in california and you stll get a period and have never had a tubal ligation, then you qualify for a program called family pact. This program will allow you to get a free pap and testing for vaginal problems such as the one you described. Look in your local phonebook for family planning clinics, call and ask about the program. You should be able to find a clinic where you can be seen for your problem. Another option is to buy an over the counter vaginal infection test. It is a test that checks your vaginal ph and gives you an indication if you are dealing with a yeast infection, bacterial infection or other type of infection. Good luck.