Is there a treatment that works well on a leathery sun damaged face? I've worked and played outside for many years and only at 40, i’ve got a dark, wrinkled leathery look to my face, especially my neck. My face looks weathered and I have deep lines on my

Sun . Sun damaged skin, also called dermatoheliosis, is due to the chronic changes of uva and uvb photodamage. There are treatments that can help. First, i would recommend you wear a sunscreen with spf 30 or greater (i use elta md uv clear) in your facial moisturizer every single day. Second, i would visit a dermatologist who might prescribe a combination of Retin-A and the obagi skin care system (or similar system) to help with the texture, tone, and blend the discoloration of the face. Other options might include an ipl treatment, chemical peels, or laser resurfacing but those options are more expensive.