I'm exclusively beast feeding, and I have a breast infection. My baby isn't getting any milk out and i'v tried the beast pump I don't know what to do

Mastitis. Mastitis can cause pain in breast while breast feeding. Do not stop breast feeding . Hot compresses help. And so does massaging the breast. See your doctor immediately.
Unfortunately . Unfortunately you may be suffering from plugged milk ducts. Try massaging your breasts and applying warm compresses. Also don't wear a tight bra. After you do this try pumping for 2-5 minutes every 15 minutes for a couple of hours. In the meantime you may have to supplement with formula. This is a very reasonable and safe option for you and your baby. Situations arise, and you are doing an excellent job in trying to resolve the issue. In addition you may want to contact a lactation consultant. Many are available over the phone, or will even come to your house to help. Best of luck.