Should my mother stop driving at night if I think she has cataracts? My 64 year old mother claims that she can drive at night just fine, but she also complains of fuzzy and cloudy vision during the day. I'm worried that she won't be able to deal with the

First . First offer to go with her to an appointment and have both of you hear what the doctor has to say. If an early change, no reason for driving precautions. If not, then the doctor can go over the options. Also, you should drive with her and see how she is really doing---is there really an issue?
There . There are many forms of cataracts. Certain cataracts will cause significant glare at night time preventing patients from driving. Not all cataracts will cause glare problems. In all states, the drivers are required to see 20/40 or better to drive without restrictions. When the best correction vision is worse than 20/40 due to cataracts, then the surgeon will recommend cataract surgery to the patient. Patients with vision worse than 20/40 should refrain from driving as they are a danger to themself and to others on the road. Your mother is relatively young for a cataract surgery but does not preclude her from needing it. If you suspect her to have poor vision from cataracts, she should be evaluated by the surgeon.