What would cause a sharp pain in my head than follow by a nose bleeds has only happened 2 times in the last 6 months

Epistaxis . Epistaxis or bloody noses can be caused by a variety of things and is worth having it looked into by your primary care doctor or an ear, nose and throat doctor (otolaryngologist). Seeing that your nosebleeds follow a sharp headache, you should also be evaluated for high blood pressure since this can lead to nosebleeds that are difficult to stop. In the meantime, here are a few nose bleed tips. If your nose starts to bleed, pinch the soft part of your nose below the bridge, not the bridge to stop the bleeding. Now keep pinching for 5 minutes. Set a timer or look at a watch because it will feel like forever. And no peeking! that will stop 95% of all nosebleeds.
Headache/nose bleed. Headache followed by nose bleed is often associated with elevated blood pressure. Have you doc check thing out.