Can you use maxair (pirbuterol) inhaler while you are pregnant 6 months along

Albuterol. Albuterol is the preferred short acting rescue medication for asthma during pregnancy. This is primarily because there is less data on Maxair (pirbuterol) autohaler even though both are pregnancy category c. Maxair (pirbuterol) autohaler is being discontinued. To see why, go to my blog at: http://www. Familyallergyasthmacare. Com/2013/11/goodbye-maxair-autohaler/.
Maxair (pirbuterol). Maxair (pirbuterol) inhaler is a category c drug which means that not enough research has been done to establish it's safety during pregnancy. That being said, it's not a definite pregnancy no-no (that's category d). You should call your ob/gyne and discuss the pros and cons of using this medication. There may or may not be other safer medications you can use for your breathing problems.