Will being on Ambien (zolpidem) help with ptsd flashback nightmares?

No. Generally speaking, no. It may help you sleep, but it may make your nightmares worse. Psychotherapy and different medications like Clonidine or prazosin can help with nightmares. Get help from a mental health expert if the nightmares are so bad that you can't sleep.
Usually not. Ambien (zolpidem) is usually unhelpful for ptsd nightmares. Prazosin might help. Talk to your doctor about it.
Maybe. People don't usually recall their nightmares unless they awaken from them. If ambien, (zolpidem) or some other sleep med, can induce a deep enough sleep where one doesn't awaken from nightmares, then--indirectly--the nightmares have been "cured." every patient is different. Only way to know is to try and see. Other options are prazosin and Clonidine which temper the autonomic response to nightmares.

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Should you give Ambien (zolpidem) to someone with ptsd and is a recovering alcoholic?

I would be very. Cautious in that situation and exhaust all other options before trying ambien. That said, sleep, good quality and length, is tremendously restoring. I have found that Lunesta (eszopiclone) can suppress nightmares in ptsd patients. Read more...
Other choices. Prazosin has become very popular for ptsd treatment as it helps with both insomnia and nightmares. The combination of Buspar (buspirone) with melatonin can also be quite effective. Insomnia can be devilishly hard to treat with ptsd. Ambien would not be my first choice of medication for the situation described and would warrant monitoring for tolerance or side effects. Take care. Read more...