Teen girl experiencing weird things I am a teen girl. I have been experiencing this weird pain which seems to be in my heart area. It feels like a short stabbing pain and I get it often through the day. It has been worrying me that if its serious or not.

Stress/anxiety . Stress/anxiety can cause all the symptoms you listed. However you should ask your parents to make an appointment with your pediatrician or primary care provider. They will take a detailed history, examine you, and decide if you need any additional testing. If anxiety is the issue they can refer you to a mental health specialist. Good luck.
See your doctor. As a teen, you may experience this kind of discomfort and the pain is in your chest wall. This is unlikely to be a heart attack however there are less life-threatening problems that may cause these symptoms. Do they go away completely at times and then return later in the day? Any others symptoms? Review this your with doctor; if you feel worse in any way, have someone take you to the hospital.