Ectopic pregnancy? On 11/03/11 I had gone to the ER and when there I was giving a pegnancy test it was neg. I took the zpack. .. I had returned to the ER on 11/14/11 and they also gave me a pregnancy test this time it was posative with hCG of 247but right

Well. The er and your doctor are far better positioned to answer this question. Talk to them and voice your concerns.
Were . Were you told to have a follow up ultrasound? I am not quite sure what they meant regarding inflammed ovary. Either they are unsure if it is an ectopic pregnancy, or it can be inflammed due to post-ovulation (after a woman ovulates and the egg is released it often times causes inflammation in the ovary). The most important thing here is to have your HCG checked again and have another pelvic ultrasound. You should be following up with your medical care provider for this issue. In order to preserve your fertility you need close follow up and monitoring. Good luck.