Is the a connection between pyloric stenosis in 1 sibling and mentriers disease in another? I was born with pyloric stenosis and my sister now has menetrieres disease. Is there a gastric problem in our family?

I . I couldn't find any studies that tied the two together except that they can both present with obstruction and should be differentiated for proper treatment. No one really knows why a child will get pyloric stenosis, but it is thought to have some genetic component since it can run in families. Menetrier's disease can be broken down into 2 types: childhood and adult. Both types tend to happen after the person has been infected with a specific virus called cytomegalovirus (CMV) or bacteria call h. Pylori. The childhood type has a good prognosis and usually clears up on its own. The adlut type requires treatment. Kids are not born with this disease and it does not get passed from parent to child which makes it unlikely that your pyloric stenosis is related to her menetrier's.
Unlikely. Pyloric stenosis is an issue involving the bowel, and meniere's disease involves the ears . They would be totally unrelated to gastric (stomach) problems.