What is causing tremors and dizziness, and shooting electrical pain in my head. Sometimes upon standing room spins pain is a 10 I fell 14 feet onto my lower back and left leg. Went to ER had broken toe. Pain in my back was not too noticeable until next da

Appears 3 injuries. Assuming that all your symptoms started after a fall, you probably injured your head, low back and broke your toe. Dizziness and headaches are symptoms of post concussion syndrome. Your low back needs imaging. You need neurological treatment.
Your . Your symptoms may be from a concussion, although you are right in that you need an mri. Your symptoms of dizziness and pain are concerning and a spinal cord or head injury are a possibility. Please be re-evaluated, i understand your financial concerns but possibly the doctor or clinic/hospital could work out a plan for you. Your health is very important and your symptoms are concerning. If you develop worse pain, weakness, loss of sensation, or new symptoms then you must be seen as an emergency.