I have episodes of clumsiness, glazed eyes, slurred speech, loss of memory, severe fatigue it is like I am inebriated during these episodes. I don't remember them. I have to lay down and nap for several hours after. When I wake I have no memory of the epi

Sleep. Please rule out any seizure episodes or sleep related or medical conditions.
Seizure origraine. Speak to your doctor and consider a consultation with a neurologist.
Most likely. You could have narcolepsy. Doubt that these are seizures, and other paroxysmal episodes such as unusual migraines are highly doubtful also. You should have eeg, hla-dr typing, and overnight sleep latency study. Get this diagnosed and treated and you will be fine.
You . You need to have a complete medical and neurological evaluation. You should have blood testing as well. Be sure and let your doctor know any medications or herbs you are taking, any family history, or anything else you think is important. Also please have your house checked for carbon monoxide (your local fire department can usually do that). Please be seen for an evaluation as soon as possible.