What do I do about these repeated umbillicus infections for 4 years? I am 18, and ever since I have had an appendectomy in july of 2007, I have had repeated umbillicus infections. 2-4 times per year, I have had pain on the right side of my belly button, a

Get examined. If any of the surgical maneuvers were done by umbilicus, a stitch, or foreign body can cause this. If no surgery, some folks have congenital urachal cysts in that area and can drain. Exam and x-rays may solve this.
See your surgeon. If your appy was done laprascopically through your umbilicus you can have a foreign body reaction from a suture. A urachal cyst i believe wld have been found by a ct prior to surgery or at the time of surgery. Go be evaluated by a surgeon to have this area explored.
That . That is abnormal and a concerning history. You need to be evaluated by a general surgeon and have a complete evaluation. You may need imaging studies. You may have a persistent duct that needs to be surgically treated.