I have a ten year old son. He is having memory problems. Sometimes he is unable to repeat simple things he was just told. As an infant, he was in nicu for 3 weeks with under developed lungs. He suffered a collapsed lung, had pulmonary hypertension and

Evaluation needed. He should be evaluated by a neurologist or psychologist. Spending three weeks in an ICU with under developed lungs may have left subtle signs affecting the child's neurodevelopment.
Memory. He should be evaluated by a neurologist or a developmental specialist .His school should also conduct a psychoeducational testing as well.
Neurology work up. In the NICU they monitor for neurologic problems. The results of the testing should be available in his chart for your neurologist. A head CT or MRI may be indicated to determine if there are any current abnormalities. Speech therapy and extra tutoring also may be helpful. PRMG would be able to review records faxed to 858 259 9689 for ?s.
Memory. Memory problems are not typical of lung disease but you should check with your pediatrician.
Often . Often times, memory issues in children are actually attention problems - they don't know what was just said to them because they weren't even listening in the first place. This is not necessarily his fault. He may have attention deficit disorder (add) which is often discovered later than attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (adhd) because kids with add aren't bouncing off of the walls. If he has a problem with frequent daydreaming, he could have a condition called "absence seizures" where kids are actually having few second seizures when they appear to be "spacing out". They usually do not remember anything during the time of the seizure. Being able to successfully treat him requires diagnosing the cause of his problem. You should contact your son's doctor and discuss your concerns. They may be able to help him, or will know who to refer him to in your area. Good luck!