Is mole removal on an eyelid safe? Ever since I was born, I have had a large mole on my right eyelid. Everybody notices it, so I feel like it is negatively affecting my everyday life. I want to get mole removal surgery done, but I am scared of letting a d

Of . Of course it always depends on the individual circumstances, but generally speaking mole removal, even from an eyelid can be accomplished safely with little risk. Assuming that you are otherwise healthy, the major considerations would be the size of the lesion as it relates to the amount of surrounding skin and the proximity to the lash line.
A . A mole on an eyelid can safely be removed depending ofcourse on its size, depth and location. That said, if you are contemplating removal of a mole from your eyelid (which I am assuming in your upper eyelid), ensure that your surgeon is either a facial plastic surgeon or an oculoplastic surgeon, these surgeons have experience with the anatomy of the eyelids and therefore are experienced enough to avert possible injury to the muscles and the contents of your eye.