I've been on minocycline for 2 months now and my acne is far worse than ever. Should I continue to be patient? Male - 20 years old. Also using a topical called "duac". No other symptoms from the medication.

Be patient. Minocycline alone isn't good.. Assuming your using a anitbacterial wash , possibly retin a (tretinoin) at night and an ab ointment ( duac) your pretty much maxed out of acne therapy.. Other options to step it up include blue light treatments and photodynamic acne therapy.. Acne takes along time to heal and has many recurrences in the best hands.
Usually, . Usually, i recommend two months of therapy and then a followup with my patients. Sounds like you need a followup and should ask your dermatologist to consider trying a different oral antibiotic and topical gel combination or if it is severe nodulocystic acne, perhaps you are a candidate for Accutane therapy. I wouldn't wait too long because scarring can occur if your acne has taken a turn for the worse. You can read more about acne at the link below...I hope this helps.