How will my glaucoma affect the outcome of a diabetic vitrectomy surgery? I'm 47 and have diabetes, but I'm also suffering from glaucoma. I am concerned about diabetic vitrectomy surgery being done and what to expect..

Your . Your retina surgeon will pay special attention to your pressure after the surgery and you should really have no long term problems once the inflammation from the surgery has dissipated.
Vitrectomy . Vitrectomy surgery requires infusion of fluid into the eye. This can cause the pressure to be elevated in the operating eye. For this reason, you want a surgeon that can perform the surgery quickly to minimize the elevation of intraocular pressure. I am not a retina surgeon and do not to this procedure but I have seen pars plana vitrectomy done in 20 minutes and as long a 4 hours. You should ask your surgeon how long they expect the surgery to be.