Is there any way to change how I talk? It is very difficult for me to talk. My voice is very unclear, very few people can understand me. I have a high pilot (or however you spell it), so that may have a lot to do with it. Is there any procedure I can have

See a Laryngologist. You need someone to examine your vocal production and resonance system- your voicebox and throat. Yes, palate abnormalities can contribute to difficulty making yourself understood. You need an expert team with a voice physician and a speech pathologist to work with you. There are some in your state so, please look them up. Best of luck.
You . You may benefit from speech therapy. A speech therapist can teach you how to enunciate your words more clearly and give you exercises to perform to make your more-understandable speech a habit. Call your primary care doctor or insurance company to see if they can recommend a speech therapist near you. Good luck!