What causes burning under the foot near the ball of the foot (only one foot)? I don't know if my question was seen since I asked the question more than 24 hours ago, so i'll be more specific. This burning feeling under my foot happens often. In fact I wa

There. There are several different possibilities for this: 1. If you are having pain when you walk, it could be a morton's neuroma (this is a benign-noncancerous condition). It is basically a nerve ending that gets too big. It does not hurt if you push on it and is treated with steroid injection. 2. If it hurts when you walk, it could be plantar fasciitis also. This is usually more of the whole bottom of the foot that hurts. 3. It could be a neurologic issue; your nerves are sending messages for some reason that are abnormal. You should have a medical evaluation by a family practitioner or internist to get their opinion.
Neuroma. You may have a neuroma or pinched nerve. It could also be neuropathy.