How do I treat the acne on my back and prevent more scaring? I have some lumpy acne scaring on my back as well as new blackheads popping up. I know that I won’t be able to treat my acne scars until I get the current acne under control. I’m 18 and want thi

Treating Acne differ. The cause of acne is poorly understood. However the consequences are well understood and may be devastating. While Accutane is one of the most effective treatments, therapy requires a full understanding of the risks. Once active cystic acne has occurred, practitioners differ in their treatment regimens. In the usa, medications & skin care are commonly recommended; in europe, surgery is more common.
This is serious. Acne on your back with scarring will require a minimium of both topical Rx (perhaps benzoyl peroxide) and some oral Rx, probably an antibiotic like tetraycline. It is likely that you are a candidate for isotretinoin. If offered this, I hope you will consider this -- you're an adult and can make your own decisions. I'm also sorry that your acne was neglected. Be tough and work to manage it.
Sounds . Sounds like you have fairly severe acne and possibly need treatment with an oral anibiotic or possibly accutane. Accutane is an aggressive acne medication that can help improve severe nodulocystic acne (scarring acne). It is the best treatment to prevent scarring acne. I would recommend you visit a dermatologist who can evaluate you and determine if an antibiotic or possibly Accutane would be right for you.