Will I need to deal with my navel hernia before a panniculectomy? I'm considering a panniculectomy to remove some loose skin and fat from recent weight loss, however, I have a navel hernia. Can the doctor performing the tummy tuck also fix my hernia? .

Depends. In my practice, i would repair the umbilical hernia at the same time as the panniculectomy operation. This may however very from one surgeon to another. Best wishes.
Yes. Are you having a tummy tuck or panniculectomy? These are two different procedures. It is possible to fix an umbilical hernia with either but a panniculectomy may remove the belly button for good and you may lose the belly button by combining a tummy tuck with a hernia repair because of the damage to its blood supply.
This . This sounds like an umbilical hernia. It can and should certainly be repaired at the same time as your panniculectomy. You should be able to ask the surgeon who is going to perform the panniculectomy whether or not they will repair the hernia or if another consultation is to be made. I have seen it go both ways. Hope this helps. Tripp buckley.
I . I agree that it does seem like you have an umbilical hernia. Be sure to discuss your hernia with your surgeon who may be planning your panniculectomy surgery. The surgeon may elect to repair the hernia at the same time, if it is safe for you, or may feel that one surgery would be enough if the panniculectomy surgery was expected to be an extensive or a longer surgery. It may also depend if your surgeon is a plastic surgeon, or a general surgeon, and as to their comfort or experience in the two types of operations (panniculectomy and hernia surgery).