What is the most effective treatment for deep facial wrinkles around the mouth? The folds that go from my nose to the corners of my mouth are deep, they look as if they are drawn on my face. No amount of foundation helps. What treatments are available to

DEEP NASOLABIAL FOLD. Fillers are very effective. Juvaderm, restyllane, your own fat......
Nasolabial folds. You can consider fillers or surgery. Have your face evaluated by a board certified facial plastic surgeon.
Central facial rejuv. Central facial rejuvenation is usually best addressed by fillers for deep naso-labial lines (the so-called parenthesis) and removal of sagging tissues with a Facelift if indicated.
Fillers. Filler injections can help temporarily, while facelift can help long term. See a facial plastic surgeon for consultation.
For . For deep nasolabial folds, the treatment of choice is usually a filler such as juvederm or restylane (dermal fillers). I use juvederm ultra plus for the deeper folds and get good results. I would consult your dermatologist who can give you advice on whether that might be a good treatment for you. There is a good before/after photo on the website below.