Is it normal to develop insomnia after childbirth?

Yes. Having children and caring for a newborn can be a challenge for any parent. For women, a change in hormones, the anxiety of caring for a child day and night, and the frequent disturbances of sleep at night are a perfect recipe for insomnia. Fortunately, most people adjust as the baby's schedule adjusts. However, some women develop restless legs syndrome during pregnancy which can affect sleep.
Yes. Question is- how fast do you return to sleep? Are u up all night staring at the baby knowing u have to be awake the next day, not knowing how u will make it? Insomnia can be minimal or a sign of a larger problem. Crying spells recurrently, stressed out, feeling guilty and incompetent? Is getting off the couch to pee like crossing the desert? Then that is depression of which insomnia is a part.