Low absolute eosinophils count. What does this mean? I am a 37 year-old female in excellent overall health. I am 5' 4", 121 pounds, and I am an avid exerciser (cardio and weight training 6 days per week). My recent laboratory results (blueprint for welln

Probably normal. Low eosinophils are often normal. It is impossible to say in an individual case like yours without a full history. Alcohol intoxication and over production of certain steroids in the body (such as cortisol) like from working out are causes. If you are a health regular exerciser your doctor would probably not mention it.
In. In general a low eosinophil count is not a cause for alarm. Eosiniphils are a type of a white blood cell count. White blood cells go up if you have an infection. A high eosiniphil count can occur if you have an inflammatory condition. Rarely, an overwhelming infection can cause a low eosiniphil count, but sometimes it is just low because you don't have any infections or inflammation at all. To be on the safe side check it again in a few weeks, but it is unlikely that this will be a problem for you.