Is this typical in the healing process? Should I get a second opinion? 3 months ago I broke my foot (metatarsal) and thumb (had surgery on thumb). The doc told me this week that I am healed. I tried stressing to him my foot and hand feels no different tha

Yes to 2nd opinion. Yes, you should get a second opinion. The next logical step would be to get a mri. And to place your foot in a cam walker.
Yes, . Yes, it would be reasonable to get a second opinion and ask why you are still having problems. If possible, see a physical therapist who could give you recommendations as well. Be sure to go to your appointments with a list of all of your questions so that you can be sure to get all of them answered.
Fracture. It is time for a second opinion. See your podiatrist for the foot and hand specialist for the thumb. Best of luck.