What is a safe male enhancement pill? Alot of the ones I tried gave me an increase in blood pressure or I felt nothing what's the safest that works

The . The medications at present for erectile dysfunction include viagra, levitra, (vardenafil) and cialis. They do work, but as expected can also have side effects, such as flushing, stuffy nose, back pain, elevated bp. In general the side effects are mild and uncommon. You would have to discuss this with your physician and get a prescription from him for these. They do work well.
Male enhancement. You don't mention whether you are trying prescription drugs like levitra, (vardenafil) which don't elevate BP as a rule. You may be using the tv advertised 'male enhancement' pills which only enhance the income of those selling them. If you need erection help and have been using those over the counter agents, discuss your problem with your doctor and stop using those others.