If I wake up choking from throwing up, does this mean I have sleep apnea?

No. Vomiting is not a typical symptom of sleep apnea. The gasping or choking sensation that's mentioned is from air hunger and not from anything that has to do with your stomach. You should talk to your doctor about throwing up at night and find the reason why. Sleep apnea symptoms include snoring, dry mouth, urinating at night frequently, morning headaches, unrefreshing sleep & daytime sleepiness.
Check it out. There are many conditions including post nasal drip, and reflux that can cause throwing up. Sleep apnea is another one- you can get tested for reflux and sleep apnea. Discuss it with your doctor.
Not necessarily. This could be a type of mucous buildup from draining sinuses, allergies or other unrelated problems. I would not rule out sleep apnea, but you need to have a sleep study performed to get definitive answers.
No. Nocturnal vomiting is not typically a feature of sleep apnea, but I am very concerned that you could choke, or even suffocate, and so I urge you to see a doctor immediately to have this evaluated.

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If I ever wake up at night choking, does this mean I have sleep apnea?

No. This may be a symptom of sleep apnea. This could also be esophageal acid reflux. If you snore and you wake up choking... It may be apnea.
Most likely not. Waking up choking is far more likely due to reflux than apnea.
Possibly. If the choking is associated with gasping for air, then it is more likely. Do you have excessive daytime sleepiness of anyone who complains of your snoring. If you are worried you should consult with a sleep physician.

My 4month old snores and wakes her self up choking, what are the chances of her having sleep apnea like I do? She also has reflux too

Sounds more like RFX. It is common for reflux to increase initially & peak @4-5m. It often causes nasal congestion (noise in sleep) & choking. Most sleep apnea is associated with the acquisition of a significant amount of tonsil & adenoidal tissue. Babies have little or none. While some premi babies often have apnea episodes, even they seldom do after 4m.
Serious stuff. Sounds like her airway needs to be checked. Baby's should not snore. While apnea is possible, there are many other things that need to b checked soon. Consult with a pediatric otolaryngologist. (ear, nose, and throat.) make the appointment now. Please.
Possible. You would probably be wise to seek out a consultation with a pediatric ent. Your child should not be making any sounds while asleep. Snoring is an almost blocked airway and waking up chocking is a blocked airway.
Sleep Apnea. If your child even has 1 episode an hour of sleep apnea treatment is recommended. I would not wait at all, referral to have a sleep study in a children's hospital setting would be my first priority.

10yr old is obese snores &whistles with her mouth when she sleeps &wakes up2x nitenearly choking&coughing gasping. Is it sleep apnea? Or is it asthma?

Defintely sounds. Like airway obstruction. In order to figure out if this is an upper airway obstruction (tonsil enlargement, for example) or lower airway obstruction (such as asthma), you need a doctor to examine this child.

Can you still have sleep apnea if you don't awake during your sleep gasping for air or choking? I have fatigue brain fog and occasional snoring.

Yes. If you wake up feeling tired, are tired during the day, fall asleep watching tv or movies, feel like you want to nap then you may have a sleep disturbance such as sleep apnea. A consultation with a sleep disorders specialist is indicated. Most ENT doctors are well trained in apnea and can evaluate your airway as well.
Possible. It is possible to have sleep apnea with the symptoms that you describe but not likely. A more detailed history might point in a different direction. Talk to a sleep specialist or to your primary care doctor.
Yes. Sleep apnea is also known as sleep disordered breathing. Unfortuneately, you could be having this go on and not no it at all. Please go see a sleep physician and they will be able to find out if you need a sleep study. This is the only way to know for sure.