Is it possible that a tumor can cause your body not to lose weight? I've been dealing with a body issue. My fat tissues can't decrease, I could be a size 7 and weigh 147lbs. And I can lose 20 lbs get to 127 lbs and still be a size 7. My hips, face, arms e

Not a tumor. During diets, the weight loss may not be uniform and you lose weight in areas like your extremities but not the torso. If you have a sustained weight loss, than over time your body will decrease the torso or waist area and you can decrease your size. Sustained duration of weight loss will be best for the results of decreasing your body circumference.
The . The only advice i can give you would be to make an appointment with a nutritionist for evaluation of your dietary habits. In addition you may want to consider hiring a personal trainer. You may think you are eating right and doing the right type of exercises, but you would be surprised. Also you have to consider that your body type is genetic and you may be the size you are genetically programmed to be, and it would take a major change in diet and exercise to see any changes. Good luck.