I have red marks on my neck (i assume a fungal infection?), what medicine do you recommend? My doctor prescribed me clotrimazole and betamethasone dipropionate and it is barely working (almost done with a 15 gram tube). Do you recommend different medicat

Without . Without being able to examine you, it's difficult to say what could be causing your rash. Fungal infections can be tricky and can take weeks to go away. That being said, if it has been weeks and you see no improvement with your current treatment (which should be effective for most skin fungal infections) you should call your doctor. They may want to take another look at it, possibly take a culture and depending on what they see, either keep you on the same treatment or change to a different medication. If your doctor is unable to figure out what it is, they may recommend a dermatologist (skin specialist) who may be able to help.