How can I become a curvier woman? I am 18 and I have some curves just not enough to be considered an hourglass shape. I do not want to have any type of surgery. Are there any food or exercises I can do to get that hourglass shape? I weight 130 pounds. I

My . My first piece of advice for you is to accept your body type, embrace it, and love it. There are certain things that are genetic and cannot be changed by diet or exercise. Unfortunately there is no way to widen your hips. Even if you gained weight there is no guarantee that it would have the desired effect. There are other ways you can feel better about yourself. I would start by working on the inside. Helping others that need it, focus on school or work etc. If you are still unhappy consider seeking a therapist in order to help you find ways to accept yourself. Good luck.
Low estrogen. Estrogen is the hormone responsible for the shape women have. You need to see an anti-aging doctor to get adequately tested to see if you are a candidate. It might just be that you are just genetically prone to be the shape you are?