If I have an elevated CRP and est with a negative ANA what could this indicate? I have type 1 dm and fibromyalgia. They were suspecting lupus

The . The ESR and CRP are both markers of inflammation. However, they are very non-specific and can be elevated in a wide variety of conditions including infections, malignancies, and auto-immune diseases. The ANA is the screening test for lupus and similar conditions. It has many false positives but very few false negatives. In your case, the negative ANA most likely means that you elevated ESR and CRP are not due to lupus.
Medicine . Medicine , is a little more difficulto than a simple I have ne two and three so what do I have , although i must admit that most of the medical problems are evaluated lke that and taken care in thios fashion . A detailed history , and i mean the correlation of all the symptoms and their importance is needed to arrive to conclusion in rheumatologt , then a thourgh physical exam migh add information and by that moment , the physician oght to have a diagnosis. Lab data is used to corroborrate the diagnosis or tio better define the inicial findings or to find more data that will confirm or discard the suspected diagnosis . So unfortun ately with this information you are affering I do not thing that one copuld elaborate a valid answer.