Hi I was wondering if these sound like the symptoms of a urinary tract infection or of something else. It hurts to urinate and my bladder feels like it is always full. Even when I'm not urinating sometimes it hurts and burns. Also I have some back pains a

UTI/Yes. It sounds like you have bacterial cystitis and possibly pyelonephritis. You may be experiencing some post voiding urinary retention. You need a urinalysis, urine culture and bladder/renal ultrasound. You will need to be treated with a 10-14 day course of antibiotics. Get seen by your md. Hope you fell better soon.
Blood . Blood in the urine means stones, or infection, or tumor or combinations thereof. Fever makes infection more likely, pain makes a stone more likely, & no pain & no fever makes tumor more likely. See your doctor & provide him a urine sample as nitrates in the urine make infection more likely and can be treated with antibiotics to relieve your symptoms quickly.