Having some vaginal discomfort? Not really pain, more like a pressure that is worse when I'm sitting, but not painful when I urinate. Also it feels like I am swollen on the inside? I am sexually active, with one partner, and we were both recently tested.

First . First of all, it does not sound like anything bad has happened or is going on inside you. The female pelvic organs are not firmly attached to the walls of the pelvis, so the uterus moves around quite a bit during intercourse. Also, the pelvic muscles (both voluntary - we control the contractions - and involuntary) are very involved in intercourse. My thoughts on your symptoms are that they may be like a pulled muscle after exercise. The treatment is similar - rest and anti-inflammatory medications like Ibuprofen or acetominophen (tylenol), as long as you are not allergic to these. There are also certain chiropractic adjustments that some chiropractors know how to do that help with pelvic discomfort. If your symptoms don't get better over the next few days, your gynecologist can do an exam and make sure there are no internal vaginal tears or any other more important problem.