Would implants be placed under the muscle during breast augmentation because of my career or lifestyle? I am a female bodybuilder and have lost much of the mass of my breasts. I would like to increase my bust size through breast augmentation, but am conce

Varies. You will receive many different opinions about optimal placement of breast implants. In my opinion, sub muscular (dual plane) placement offers many advantages compared to the sub glandular position. The disadvantage of sub muscular positioning is the potential for “animation deformity”. Do your homework carefully and learn about the pros/cons/risks/complications… best wishes.
Anatomic implants? The muscle builder appears to be a candidate for the newer "gummy bear" anatomic, form stable implants, where an above the muscle placement is used but the outline of the implant is not so noticeable due to it's teardrop shape. Also, thick ADM's (acelluar dermal matrix) such as Alloderm can be paced in the upper part of the pocket to smooth the transition.
Breast . Breast augmentation can safely be performed with implants either on top of the muscle or beneath it. You should not have concerns about safety in choosing your implant position as they are equally safe. The choice of implant position is really more related to your being a bodybuilder. I have operated upon many bodybuilders, both competitive and amateur. Typically, bodybuilders do not want their muscles altered during surgery, so the best choice would be on top of the muscle. You can achieve a really nice and natural result without having the implant behind the muscle. That being said, most implants are placed behind the muscle because natural results can be achieved easier with implants in that position. I would recommend that you visit a few board certified plastic surgeons to get a sense for your options. With good information from qualified surgeons you can make the best choice to achieve great results. If you like you can visit my website where you can see some animations of the surgery being done and read more information about breast augmentation. I hope this info helps!
Female . Female bodybuilders typically have breast implants placed above the muscle. It is always obvious which women have breast implants, because bodybuilders have little or no subcutaneous fat around the implant, so the implant is extremely visible. Despite being able to see the implant, most female bodybuilders like that look. The problem with placing the implant below the muscle in bodybuilders: -a portion of the pectoralis major muscle is released along the lower border. -the volume of the implant changes the torque force that the pectoralis is able to generate. -the pectoralis thins out because the pressure from the implant below it. Thus: your pectoralis major will never function the same and it will be very weak. Female figure and fitness competitors that don't do pectoralis muscle training can have the implants placed above or below the muscle. Most seem to have them placed below the muscle so that the implant is not as visible when they slim down for a competition. The first patient in this gallery is a personal trainer that chose to have the implants below the muscle because she doesn't do a lot of upper body. The fifth patient does figure competition and does upper body so she wanted them above the muscle.
Over the muscle. In a body builder, breast augmentation under the muscle is not always the best choice because of risk that the implants will "dance" when the muscle flexes. Subglandular or subfascial augmentation is often more appropriate.
Under the muscle. Breast implants are usually placed under the muscle but can also be placed on top of the muscle.
I . I would strongly recommend subfascial placement. If you go submuscular they will move and look very unnatural and age quickly. The subfascial plane allows natural shaping with lasting support and avoids the pitfalls of submuscular and subglandular. This is why i developed a technique called cold-subfascial that protects the entire pectoral fascia from mechanical and thermal damage and allows me to create natural appearing teardrop shaped breasts. I hope this helps! all the best, rian a. Maercks M.D.