My wife gets sick every time she gets close to orgasming. She was molested as a young girl. Would this cause the sick feeling? Hi, I recently got married 6 months ago. I am 22 and my wife is 20. When we have sex I can't make her orgasm. She will feel like

Likely yes. Molested individuals often come to associate their own involuntary sexual excitement with disgust and the physical aspects of disgust, like nausea. She should see a therapist expert on the effects of sexual abuse.
It . It is thought that 10-15% of women have never had an orgasm - so your wife is not alone! i've attached a link to a pretty thorough and helpful article below that may help you and your wife understand what is going on and tips and techniques to help. It would also be worthwhile for your wife to speak with her primary physician and/or ob/gyne doctor about her specific situation. They may be able to recommend medications or therapy that could help her (and you) have a more satisfying sex life. The first step is recognizing a problem and the second is to seek help, so you both are well on your way to improving your sex life.