I have mood swings and I get nausea and dizzy. Every couple of hours I feel like if I don't eat something I get quizzy. I feel dizzy a lot amd miserable, I have hot flashes and some times during the day I could be sitting at my desk nand break nout into a

? Perimenopause. Go see an ob/gyn doctor for further evaluation and treatment. Your symptoms sound like peri menopause.
There . There could be multiple conditions causing your symptoms. I don't know your age, when you mention hot flashes it is not clear to me if you think you are menopausal. But "hot flashes" can be caused by other things then menopause as well. If there is any chance you could be pregnant then please take a test. You should have a complete medical evaluation. Please tell your doctor all of your symptoms, any medications or herbs you are taking, and record your meals and menstrual cycles. You may need blood testing and you do need a complete medical evaluation.