Painful bump behind eye tooth recently I have noticed a small bump on the gums behind my right eye tooth that hurts when I touch it. I sucked on it and it bled enough where my saliva was a dull red. It stopped hurting for a few hours but then it came back

Possible abscess. I would suggest you have it evaluated by a dentist.. If it is an abscess, it can get worse and become life threatening..
Possible Infection. Sounds like a sinus tract, drainage from an infection. Best to have an examination to determine the source. Many times a dentist will be able to thread material into the channel formed by the infection and determine it's origin, infections tend to get worse if not treated. When you rupture the bump, infection is allowed to drain and you feel relief until it closes up.
Tooth abcess. Hard for a dentist to touch or you? If an abscess is draining than there is usually no or little pain. If not its building up pressure and can be painful. It depends on the case weather or not a dentist will do treatment on an abscess or wait until antibiotics localize it. See a dentist for treatment and evaluation asap.
Try . Try to get a mirror and look at it, did you get a cut there? If it is a cut it may cause that feeling of a loose piece of skin. As it is painful it is important to be sure that it isn't an infection. If it continues with swelling or pain then you need to have a medical evaluation. If it is growing, becomes red, or you get a fever then you must be seen as an emergency.