Is my wrist fractured? Fell on my hand about 3 weeks ago and wrist hurts way more now than it did when it first happened

Yes. Falls can cause wrist fractures and/or ligament tear. Both can be serious and persistent pain should be evaluated, preferably by a hand surgeon.
Yeah, . Yeah, it can be. You should at least get some xrays and consider seeing a specialist, such as a hand or orthopeidc surgeon. If you can't get into see one, then call your own doctor who can a tleast order the x ray. If that is not an option there is always an urgent care center or even your local emergency department as a starting point while you can have a sever bruise or contusion that lasts while, the are many htings such as fractures that will cause pain to persist weeks later. Furthermore even if xrays are megative you can have a fracture in a bone that may not show a large fracture line, you can have a subtle finding and a hand surgeon may order additional special xray views. For example there are many conditions besides the typically more obviuos a fractured distal radius or ulna. There can be a scaphoid fracture or wrist capsular avulsion, a ligament injury or rupture that may opnly be picked up by exam or special views. There are 8 bones in your wrist and any one can be injured or associated with ligament rupture. Sometimes MRI or ct scan is needed to assess injury....This is only the tip of the iceberg simple answer: go see someone in person. No one can ":see you" through the computer screen.