Should I go to the ER for a tooth infection that is making me extreamly sick? I have a tooth that is suppose to be removed tomorrow, however it is making me vomit, giving me a headache, and I have swelling in my face. I don't know if I should wait till t

In . In this type of situation you should call your dentist right away. He/she will either prescribe an antibiotic which can be picked up at a 24 hour pharmacy, or they will advise you if they think you should go to an urgent care or er. Infections in the teeth can easily lead to an abscess which could then lead to a dangerous infection in the blood, which can be life threatening. Therefore this is something that should be addressed right away. By the date of this post you should have had your extraction. I hope all went well.
It depends... Just how sick is "extremely sick"? Some dental infections can be life threatening, especially for a patient who already has pre-existing chronic debilitating disease. The typical hospital er is not equipped to provide formal dental service; they can only stabilize your condition. But for the person who is in a true health crisis, it is better to err on the side of caution.