Three fingers and the right half of the back of my hand is swollen bruised and numb from friday night. It appears to have gotten worse. The numbness makes it difficult to type although the more I type it seems to be feeling a little better. Whats my best

See hand specialist. Persistant swelling and numbness on the hand is concerning. In implies some kind of injury or pressure on the nerve and if left alone without treatment can result in permanent impairment. I recommend getting evaluated by a hand specialist (plastic or orthopedic surgeon) as soon as possible.
I. I am concerned that you might have a fracture (broken bone). You can try oral pain medications such as advil or tylenol, (acetaminophen) but it is very concerning that with swelling and numbness that you may have a serious injury. If the bones in are hand are rotated from a break and aren't repaired properly, then it can cause permanent problems. Please be medically evaluated.