Will the donor site of a fat transfer sag after the fat has been removed? I'm considering fat transfer to reshape my buttocks with fat taken from my stomach area. Can this backfire so that I end up with a wrinkled, flabby looking abdomen afterwards? What

Skin, tissue quality. The amount of skin elasticity, and tone that you have from your diet, lifestyle, & fitness will determine to a great extent how much saggin will occur. The surgical technique makes a difference too, & experts should be sought. Various skin tightening procedures including velashape, can be done after surgery to further redce sagging. We have been doing this procedure consistently for ten years .
Brazilian Butt Lift. The donor site most often benefits similar to a liposuction procedure. The elasticity of your skin is important and needs to be determined by your plastic surgeon. The brazilian butt lift you are describing is very popular and our patients are very happy with this procedure. See the below links for more details: https://pacificcenterplasticsurgery.Com/procedures/body/buttock-augmentation/ http:/.
The . The donor site for fat transfer will react like any area that has fat removed by liposuction and depends entirely on the quality and the amount of excess skin in the area. This can only be properly evaluated with physical exam since everyone is different. Your plastic surgeon will assess how elastic your skin is and based on how much fat must be harvested, should be able to predict how the abdomen will react to liposuction. If the skin has not been significantly damaged by stretching during pregnancy or weight gain, it should rebound pretty good on its own. Additional techniques that supposedly tighten the skin like lasers and ultrasound do so only minimally...Maybe an inch at most. Anything more significant than that will require a tummy tuck to tightened the abdomen and eliminate the extra skin.