What qualifies as a botched adult circumcision? I got circumcised for phimosis and I feel it is a botched job. I have painful tightness on the shaft behind the sulcus and tight penoscrotal web. I can't get fully erect and it hurts - the amount of skin c

I . I recommend you seek an opinion from another urologist. They will take a history and examine you before an opinion on wheter or not the surgery was "botched" is made. On the other hand, you can go back to the doctor that performed the circumcision and inform him/her of your concerns. Either way you need to be seen to have these issues addressed and hopefully resolved. Good luck.
XS skin removed. Pain with erection, or abnormal curvature with erection 6 or more weeks after circumcision due to xs removal of skin circumferentially, or from underside of penis could be due to a "botched" circumcision. Suggest you are get second opinion from an unbiased urologist. Certainly should not have a tight peno-scrotal web. Penoplasty with or without skin graft is occasionally required for correction.