What could be the cause of a stopped up milk duct 24 years after breast feeding? I am a 44 year old female who hasn't breast fed in 14 years and had a hystorectomy about 8-10 years ago. Two days ago my right breast was extremely sore. Upon examination a m

Breast pain ? Breasts are stimulated with estrogen, which is increased at age 44 secondary to ovaries which take more stimulation for ovulation to occur. Your breasts are affected and mastitis is more frequent. A hysterectomy by itself will not stop ovarian hormones from being stimulated, so even without "periods" the hormones can affect your breast tissue. .
It . It sounds like you may be dealing with an infection, and what looked like milk to you may have been pus. It is not uncommon for women to experience a nipple abscess at any age. I suggest you schedule a visit with your primary care provider. After a history an exam, a diagnosis can be made. If it is infectious, then appropriate antibiotics will be started. Good luck.