I have this bumb or maybe knot in my armpit and it feels kinda attached to the skin it moves with the skin I just noticed I its about the size of a pea kinda hard

Without . Without examining you, it's difficult to say exactly what it is. There are many common things that a pea-sized lump in the armpit skin could be such as: - lymph node - ingrown hair - sebaceous cyst - abscess or boil (infection) - lipoma or uncommon things such as: - nodular fibromatosis or more concerning things such as: - tuberculosis - lymphoma - breast cancer - other metastatic cancer if it is painful, enlarging, or if you are suddenly noticing more, call your doctor right away. Otherwise, call your doctor during office hours and make an appointment. They may be able to tell whether it is concerning and needs to be looked into, or if it's nothing to worry about.