Does alcohol cause sleep apnea to be worse?

Absolutely. Do not drink alcohol if you have apnea. Alcohol is a muscle relaxant and can depress respiratory drive... Not a good combination in a patient with apnea.
Yes. Alcohol may make it easier to fall asleep, but it disrupts the cicadian sleep cycle and one does not get into the deep restful stages of sleep which is exactly what sleep apnea does to the sleep cycle. Therefore, one should avoid alcohol during the evening. A drink with an early dinner will not hurt.

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Alcohol is causing sleep disruption - could it be sleep apnea?

Perhaps. Sleep apnea is a significant problem for many people; it often goes. A great place to start is an examination by an ear, nose, & throat doc and a sleep study. Sleep apnea, a serious and potentially life threatening condition, should be ruled out or diagnosed through a sleep a study. In the meantime fewer cocktails may help improve the quality of your sleep while you check for apnea. Read more...
Alcohol. Alcohol usually helps initiate sleep but has a half life of two hours and can awaken you multiple times. Alcohol can also cause rem rebound and increase nightmares etc. Read more...