What do you do when someone is suicidal? I'm worried that my friend is suicidal. She talks about how pointless life is and I can just see it in her eyes that she's tired. She's been to so many doctors and is on so many meds but they're not helping and she

don't leave alone. Check on her frequently and place her on a hotline for them to call her regularly find a good psychiatrist.
Suicidally . Suicidally could be psychiatric emergency. If someone has acute suicidal ideations with plan, he or she needs to be evaluated in emergency room. If someone has passive suicidal ideations without the plan it can be addressed on outpatient basis. It is important to be assessed and appropriately treated. The best outcomes of the treatment is combination of medication management and psychotherapy. Unfortunately some patients require more intensive treatment than the others. In this case not everyone response to treatment 100% but the long term treatment will improve the prognosis.