Why wont anyone answer my question? This is the 4th time I posted this question please please help... For the last 4 days I have noticed that my stools are dark green and the water even changes to green when I go. What is the reason? I am starting to wor

Stool . Stool is usually brown because of digested bile (bile is from our liver), which then goes through the bile ducts in the liver and through our gallbladder, and into the intestines. When the bilirubin goes through our digestive tract, it is digested by enzymes and changes color. Part of the color change depends on how fast we are digesting our food. If we are digsting at a normal speed, the stool is light or dark brown, but if it is rapid digestion, then the stool will look green. If this persists, if you have fever or vomiting or pain, or blood in your stool, then you will need to be medically evaluated.